The Services We Offer

Brent Technologies is a private company registered in April 2015 in Uganda, at Plot 22 Bulanda Rd, Masaka Municipality, to operate along the business scope below

Lubricants Recycling/Re-refining

We regenerate new oil from previously used oils to obtain oils which are in no way different from the newly mined oils and far better than a number of brands on the lube oil market.

Waste Lube Oil Refining and Management Solutions.

Our long term plans involve establishing refineries for crude oil so as to be able to produce a wide range of lubricant products.

Crude Oil Refining Solutions

Our expertize in the oil industry field doesnt only stop in-doors, we are a consultancy firm for the oil analysis and machinery lubrication and the lubricants field in general. We therefore provide advice to a number of customers who seek for it.

Blending and Packaging of Recycled Oil Products

We formulate, blend and package high performing lubricants that serve beyond user expectations! We are second to none.

Merchandise Additives for Lubricants

We not only sell lubricants, even additives. Our quality products put us as number one source for lubricants additives.

Grease Formulation and manufacturing

Our intensive, in-depth research led us to development of grease formulations for the different applications in machinery lubrication.

Formulation/manufacture Modified Bituminous products

We are a source of bituminous products used in highway road construction among other uses. We offer high quality, neutralized bituminous in any amount.