The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Staff and Business Survival

Engaging in technology solutions experts identify potential threats to you, your employees or your business; while the internet can be seen as a good tool (e.g., cloud-based communications and solutions) and everything else the great success made by the internet is the darkest side of it all; that there is no doubt and it can be a real danger.

And in fact in your business there is nowhere to run or nowhere to hide; soon it will be the highest bet that an employee, you or your company will suffer and in extreme cases the results could close your company overnight.

Can’t believe this? Read the examples below for examples of major threats. Not worried? You have to be!

It is very dangerous for Deloitte to launch a cyber hunting service!

But at a daily level in standard SMEs like your business there really is no amount of anti virus this or malware anti available that will really help; the examples below show you clearly why; things these days have gone far beyond the levels you may not believe, but some have been revealed to be real examples of how serious these threats are. There will be no doubt injured but you do not want to be one of them!

Email has been a dynamic force that has enhanced communication between every aspect of the business one can think of, from marketing, to customers, to support, to management, to the community and to many more important areas; but it is clear that the basic technology of email servers is flawed too because it is now a global communications tool that is difficult to fix; these communication channels have to interact with every other email server in the world and that creates a great natural risk.

In almost every city, city or state, government agencies are working to combat fraud and other evils from many quarters, but email is one of the most harassing forums out there because of the ease of harassment by non-professionals. And if you are not an expert it does not take long to learn how to become!

Another organization in the UK is Action Fraud operated by the police and while they are handling other areas of fraud, email scams are high on their list.

But this is where things start to get worse. Since the emergence of cryptocurrency fraud around the world there has been a dramatic increase. And in the USA SEC Rejects the Bitcoin Exchange Trading Fund because they are very concerned about the loss of investors in Bitcoin.

Still, the story is clear; Bitcoin is fraudulently used and in both cases listed below Bitcoin is clearly involved in the transfer of funds to illegal agents for you, your employees or your business. It is no joke and anyone who ignores these serious dangers in their organizations will soon come to grips with perhaps in a very big way. The effects can be catostrophic.

The first example shown below includes the personal details of the recipient removed for security reasons. But this email (which passes the entire check to the company’s infrastructure) threatens the employee’s health and should never be ignored.

Note that bitcoin and email addresses are organized for security purposes throughout this article.


“From: kristin *


To: *

Subject: How to save yourself

Read this warning carefully, as it may be the last thing on your life.

Humans are by nature jealous. Given the reality of the successful development of your business, people (contestants) paid me 30,000 Pound Sterling for your head on a stick.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this kind of work, but I’m already tired of these jealous bastards and your life will be the last one I’ll take or can’t do, it’s up to you.

Under normal circumstances, I would simply do the work I was hired to do without going into details, but I would move on from it to a long-awaited vacation.

You have 2 options for solving this problem.

Accept my request or trash.

You pay me 5 GB GBP to save your life and you get all the information about the customer you are applying to the police so you save your life and the lives of your relatives.

The second option is to ignore my suggestion and turn to the police, but with the same sign you will postpone your trial date, or I will not be able to do the job, someone else will do it, not within a week and say a month or half a year, but your head order will soon be fulfilled.

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