Out of Comfort Zone will lead to Growth

Do you know what is out of Comfort Zone? We always want to have minimum stress and minimum risk, this is natural. Though the comfort zone is peaceful but at the same time staying standing at one place will not take you anywhere. Comfort zone doesn’t give us optimum results. …

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Protocols, Policies & Rules become problematic many times.

career counselling amjid ali

Every organization has ways of doing things that have been reduced to a series of published protocols, policies and rules. Most of the time, there are reasonable and logical reasons for these “ways of doing.” Sometimes though, people choose to break the rules because—in their judgment—the circumstances and situation justified …

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The Best Web Hosting 2020 for your Websites and web applications

best web hosting 2020

The Best Web Hosting 2020 I have been managing team of web developers, designers and team of website maintenance. I have also been developing web applications, designing website and maintaining the website since 1999. In two decades I have experienced many options, in-house hosting, and at the same time tried …

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