Web 3.0 Explained

Web 3.0 is evolved from web 1.0, the term was used as the first version of the internet that emerged from the Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). This first version was the form of web pages joined by hyperlinks with some visual controls. The main purpose of Web 1.0 …

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Top 5 Cloud AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platforms 2022

cloud ai

Organizations need to think about creating a roadmap for AI transformation. Whether businesses need to build AI platforms by themselves or they need to utilize fully developed platforms. Today CTOs are excited to utilize the AI platforms on the cloud by moving the Server Environment to Cloud, CIOs need to …

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AI and RPA: The Transformation during the pandemic

ai and rpa

Today we are entering into the 4th Industrial Revolution, where machines are talking to each other and the human. We can’t simply discuss one technology in isolation as most of the technologies are driven by other technology be it Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Robotics, and RPA, Sensors or iIOT, …

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