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WiFi IO Map Finder 2022

wifi io

WiFi IO Map finder is one of the Trusted apps today used by Millions of users around the world to search and use the Free Internet. This is one of the most popular Connectivity Tools. WiFi IO App This app has huge download history, especially in the United States and …

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Wi-Fi 6 – (AX) Faster Internet WLAN in 2022


WiFi 6(802.11ax) is all about improved bandwidth/speed, better performance, less congestion which is needed of today’s devices. Internet speed has increased, where internet service providers are providing improved bandwidth. 300mbps to 1gbps internet speed has now reached homes and offices, but WiFi access points are still at 50 to 300mbps …

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Open Source ERP choice for 2022

Choosing the right ERP system for your needs is often comes accompanied by fears or uncertainties. However solving problem needs experts. For many years of developing and implementing ERPs and Business solutions. I thought I must share the list of free and open-source ERPs to help the developers quickly adopt/implement …

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Top 5 RPA Tools in Market in 2021

rpa tools

RPA – Robotic Process Automation helps organizations to accelerate the Digital Transformation journey. RPA Tools helps organizations to streamline processes and minimize distribution by automating the tasks within the process. What is RPA? Let us see the definition of RPA by Gartner : Robotic process automation (RPA) is a productivity …

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Change Management in ITIL

itil change management process

Every IT landscape must change over time. Old technologies need to be replaced, while existing solutions require upgrades to address more demanding regulations. Finally, IT needs to roll out new solutions to meet business demands. As the Digital Age transforms many industries, the rate of change is ever-increasing and difficult …

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Information Technology Strategy Consulting

information technology strategy

Information Technology Strategy Consulting is required by most of the businesses today. Businesses can’t run today in isolation. For businesses to gain competitive advantage they must have proper Information Technology Strategy. Why Information Technology Strategy? Today there are major changes in the organization’s strategic use of IT. Be it Cloud …

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Top Industry Trends and Cloud Adoption

cloud adoption

If we look back to 2010 cloud adoption was nowhere near as high as it is today. So what has changed today in the Year 2021. IoTs in industries and Edge Computing have correlation. The growth of Edge Computing proves the the Transformation to Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 and Covid19 …

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