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ERPNext Installation on Ubuntu 20.04

I am using Proxmox at my home lab. I have configured Ubuntu 20.04 as Linux Container and allowed the permission to the ssh for commands through putty to enable ssh for remote login using the following command sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Now look for the line PermitRootLogin without-password Replace the above …

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Open Source ERP choice for 2022

Choosing the right ERP system for your needs is often comes accompanied by fears or uncertainties. However solving problem needs experts. For many years of developing and implementing ERPs and Business solutions. I thought I must share the list of free and open-source ERPs to help the developers quickly adopt/implement …

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Ubuntu Server Installation Guide

ubuntu server installation guide

Depending upon your hardware or Virtualization platform you can choose the relevant method to install Ubuntu Server. Simply Visit Ubuntu Website to download Ubuntu Server, the following guide will help you to set up and install Ubuntu Server. System Requirements At least 2GB of Hard Disk Storage is required. You …

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