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The Role of Blockchain in Healthcare Technology

Blockchain technology has attracted a lot of attention in business and investment, but in the healthcare industry, it will still reach its full potential. Blockchain technology brings with it the need for flexible and innovative changes that will apply to the healthcare sector. High quality care is the goal of …

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A Beginners Guide to Understand Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that includes a computer and its statistics. In machine learning, a computer program is provided with raw data, and the computer performs calculations based on it. The difference between traditional computer programs and machine learning is that with …

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What Is the Role of Python in Artificial Intelligence?

How do Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Python relate? Python is apparently the most popular programming language used by developers in modern times. Guido Van Rossum created Python in 1991, and since then, it has become one of the most widely used languages ​​along with Java, C ++, etc. Python is …

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